Basics of Computing - This class starts with a 30 minute session of getting to know your needs. This generally involves discussing where you are with computer skills, where your computer was and is now, and where you want to be. We then translate your needs into a technical process of do's and don'ts. The idea is simple, we start with you and where you're at.

Build Your Own Class - This is what you want when you get a new anything that plugs into a wall (i.e. camera, printer, phone, computer, new software...) and you don't understand it or maybe lost the manual. We work with you to make sure you are using your new device or software as intended.

Computer Build - We start from the ground up in teaching the real technical details of a computer. This class is a three part series. First is the traditional classroom style lecture on technical specifications, fun facts or history of where computers started and where they are going. The second section is more laid back. We discuss smart and safe buying and also go over what you want your machine to do. We then order parts and schedule when we are to meet next. The final section is building the computer, troubleshooting errors and precautionary reminders on keeping you computer safe and clean.

OS Transitions - This class is for anyone wanting to upgrade their operating system or change their platform. This includes Microsoft, Apple, Linux and Google products.

Social Networking - The need to be safe when it comes to social networking is key. This class teaches you and/or you loved ones how to properly use sites like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter while still having fun and staying connected.